We do not permanently store any personally identifiable information on this website. Here is what we ask for, how it is used, and what is recorded:

We ask for a date of birth and optionally a name. We request you only provide a first name or nickname in order to greater protect privacy.

Date of birth is recorded statistically (we have a counter for each date to determine how many visitors have chosen each particular date). We do not store IP addresses or chosen names against this information.

Each page you create will of course contain your date of birth (unless you have chosen another date or another person). If you share this information publically you are of course sharing your date of birth with everyone. This should be obvious.

Every time a page containing a date of birth is accessed it is recorded by our Google Analytics statistics system. This does not give us the ability to link your date of birth to your IP address, or any other personally identifiable information, however it may be possible for Google to obtain this information. Please see Google's privacy policy for more information.

If you have concerns about providing your date of birth to this system there is a very simple solution. Choose 9 random dates and mix your real birthday within them. Open the site ten times and enter each date in turn. Neither we, nor Google, nor anyone else eavesdropping would be able to tell for certain which of the ten dates you entered is your real date of birth.